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Twitter’s sideline commentary of Minho’s descent into despair.

EXO members still need their parents

(From 130606 TenCent Weibo interview)
Host: How are your rooms split up at hotels now?
Luhan: This time we all have our own rooms.
Host: But do you go into each other's room to discuss what the plan is for the next day and such?
Baekhyun: Even with our own rooms, sometimes it still ends up being three of us sleeping together. If you're by yourself you do feel lonely, and because we're like family...
Host: So if you had to go find someone tonight to go sleep next to whose room would you look for?
Baekhyun: I would look for mom's (Suho).
Host: Mom, are you troubled? So many of your kids might come looking for you at night.
Suho: Yes, every night everyone seems to search for me.
Host: So at midnight you would get knocks on the door and, "Mom, I want to sleep next to you!"
Tao: Not always, because on our side we still have a dad. (Kris)
Host: Ah, so it can be split half-half.

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Today Taeyeon was looking for someone at the airport

"Today, Taeyeon was looking for someone at the airport who could speak Korean, and I must have looked Korean to her and she asked me to pass on a message. That she was so sorry to her fans… she kept telling me that she was sorry and sorry* and to pass it on. I thought I should pass it on exactly as I heard to everyone so I am writing this. #SONE

오늘 공항에서 태연이가 한국말하는 분을 찾다가 제가 한국사람으로 보였는지 잠시 얘기를 전해달라고 하였습니다. 팬분들한테 많이 미안하다고..계속 많이 미안하고 죄송하다고 전해달라고 했습니다. 들었던 그대로 전해드려야할것 같아서 글을 씁니다. #SONE

*She uses two different forms of the word “sorry”. The second is more respectful than the other, which kinda hits both people younger than her and older than her.


The anonymous fan that Taeyeon spoke to came forward.

I am the fan that passed on the message today. I reveal myself like this now. I made a new account to pass on the message, because I thought it was meant to be for everyone, not a specific person.. I’m sorry that this caused confusion over the facts. I posted it because I thought I should pass it on exactly as I heard it.

Of course people who will criticise, will criticise. But remembering how Taeyeon rushed around to find any person who looked Korean before she had to go through the gate, so that she could pass on a message to SONEs, I still tear up thinking about it and my heart feels torn… I am posting this on my real/main account so that SONEs could avoid speculating or misinterpreting [the situation/the post]……

From this:

Original: 오늘 얘기 전해들은 팬입니다. 이렇게 밝히게되었네요. 특정한 누구가 아닌 팬들에게 전했다고생각해서 따로 알계로 전해드린건데.. 사실여부에대해 혼란을 드려서 죄송합니다. 들은대로는 전해드려야할 것 같아서 글을 올렸습니다.

비난하실 분들은 비난하시겠죠. 하지만 다급한 마음에 들어가기 직전 한국사람인 듯한 팬 잡아서 소원분들께 말 전해달라고 했던 태연이 심정 생각하면 아직도 눈물이 나고 가슴이 찢어집니다…소원분들이라도 억측과 곡해는 삼가해주셨으면 하는 마음에 본계로 글 올립니다…..

Many fans are generally not keen on revealing themselves as having been at airports etc

Heart Attack ~ Empty Arena version [dl]


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